Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden

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From Kerala, India to beautiful, tropical Belize - the origin of our Spice Farm

The Belize Spice Farm & Botanical Gardens, located at the foothills of the Maya Mountain in beautiful Belize, is the result of the inspiration and hard work of Tom and Tessy Mathew. When vacationing in Belize, the Mathews, originally from Kerala, India, were struck by the fact that the climate and topography of Belize are quite similar to that of Kerala, which is known for its world famous spices, such as Tellicherry Black Pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. So in 1990, they started the Golden Stream Plantation in the Toledo district of Belize to grow cacao and citrus. With the aid of the Belizian Government, they imported seeds and cuttings of spice plants native to their homeland.

The farm is now one of the largest black pepper and vanilla farms in the country and is adorned with beautiful teak, mahogany, rosewood, and sandalwood trees, as well as a variety of other magnificent specimens.

We invite you to come and experience the unique blend of tropical nature and Indian plants!

Tours are open to the public as of December 2, 2011.

Bl pepper harvest 12-13 season

Freshly picked Bl pepper in the drying room

Strange looking Bl pepper corn

late in 2012-13 season we found this odd shaped pepper corn

Bl. Pepper

Black pepper 2013 Harvest

Fruits of Bismarchia Nobilis

One of the biggest atractions in our farm is the majestic Bismachia Nobilis. We have seed lings for sale in our nursry


As of Dec. 2012 very few cardamom are reaching maturity

Black pepper

Drying Black pepper in Sun Room


December is also the season for harvesting coffee

Dec 2012 Vanilla crops

Curing vanilla is a long process . We use the Bourban process which is followed in Madagascar.

Tour Mobile in the Bamboo Arch

Rows of Black pepper left for Tourism

more pict in Black pepper farm

More pictures in Black pepper farm

Dec is harvest season for Blackpepper. We delaying harvest of 6 rows of black pepper for tourism

Tour Mobile in Black pepper farm

Tourists can see spice plants close up while traveling on tour mobile

Tour Mobile parked in still unfinished Garage

It rains a lot in Belize,sometimes unexpectadly like today afternoon (12/31/12) Now we can take tourists from the reception area to spice farm and back without getting wet

Tour Mobile under Construction

It took little over 3 weeks to make a tour Mobile in our workshop. This will help us to take guests around the Spice farm in rain or shine.

Chocolate presentation continue

Chocolate drink making dates back to ancient times in Maya culture

More Chocolate tasting by Atlanta group

Cacao growers association in PG (south Belize)promots organic cacao farming.

More Chocolate tasting

There are several "mom and pop" and resort owned chocolate makers in S.Belize

S. Gardner group on the way to Black pepper farm

Belize spice farm may the biggest Black pepper farm in Belize producing Tellichery Black pepper

More introductory speech

Listening to Tour guide Sipriano Canti

Gardners group were interested in learning the origin of the Spicefarm Concept and the fact that the spice plants were broughtin from half world away

smart Gardeners frm Atlanta

This week Smart gardners from Atlanta visited the spice farm

Black pepper nursery

In the Month of Sep.. we planted Black pepper in the field and in nusery

vanilla seedlings

Vanilla planifolia seedlings about 3 months old. Most of the new plants are used to expand vanilla farm

Bismarchia nobilis seedlings

Beautiful Blue palm Bismarchia Nobilis . The seedings are about 3 months old

Lychee seedlings

New lychee plants in the new commercial nurserry

Lychee seedlings

New lychee plants in the new commercial nurserry

Vanilla processing

vanilla Harvesting also started in Sept. Picture show the final step (airation)in making a marketable vanilla


Nutmeg is harvested through out the year

Yellow Rambuttan

They are delicious

More pictures of rambuttan

Rambuttan is a new crop for southern Belize


Season for Rambuttan started early September. They are very tasty tropical fruits

children playing and helping pump water

Play ground water pumping station

The very clever way to pump water in to a storage tank,designed and built locally

Golden Stream School getting Solar power

Golden Stream village has no grid connected electric power. But is Sept 2012 Golden Stream school was supplied by solar generated electric power.

Black Pepper Trees are currently in bloom

Come and see for yourself the beautiful black pepper trees. Click on the photo to see it larger.

Black Pepper Trees are currently in bloom.

Click on the photo to see it larger.