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"Came here on a cruise excursion. I was blown away. Bought some black pepper and am now out. Wish I had purchased 10 bags. It is so flavorful and bold. Im so sad that I am out now."

Ashley A Carter, Knoxville,TN,USA16 Jun 2017

"I think I forgot to put my email address on my message."

leslie, 13 Jun 2017

"My friend and I will visit next week and would like to know if there are any b&b or accommodations closer than PG or Placencia. We're looking for economical places. A home stay would be good too. We are Belizean and Belize resident. Thanks. I look forward to doing the tour at the farm."

Leslie, Blackman Eddy13 Jun 2017

"Do you sell Lipstick Plams"

Kathy Ellis, Sittee River Area05 Jun 2017

"We'd like to come for a tour (again :) ) ... we were here in 2015 and now I'm all out of beautiful Belizian pepper it ok just to pop in for a tour? We're hoping for May 25th ? :) 604 813 7138 or Thank you Jenn"

Jennifer Schulte, Vancouver bc23 May 2017

"Seeing the Web site, you get a good glimpse but actually visiting and walking through there is breathtaking ! We visited this mini paradise in the Spring of 2013. The breadth of flora is unimaginable, and the how they are laid out/planned and cared for - you have to see it for yourself. You will be surprised to observe the great number of bird species who love this place too."


"Moving to punta gorda. And am in need of alto of plants. Was wondering about plums, bogeinvilia, hibiscus and so much more."

Laura Beam, Florence13 Aug 2016

"Hello we are very interested in taking a tour tomorrow! Is this possible? We are staying in San Antonio and run a natural foods business in the united states. Super excited to see your operation!"

Glenn McElfresh, DENVER06 Aug 2016

"We would like to visit your farm and seek the global development of this concept from Belize itself with its abundant natural resources. We are planning to visit Belize in late August or in October. We have many investors in the pool but need guidance since you are already in action Please advise"

Ramarao Lankipalli, Plano TX USA19 Jul 2016

"I am visiting in December and want to be able to buy coffee.Can you help me with this please?"

stephen, Niagara Falls11 Jul 2016

"visiting belize in september, and would like to visit your farm and order some plants for myfarmin san ignatio. where would you recommend i stay over night near you? also interested in buying flowering plants and favs. from kerala. i.e. jack fruit etc."

d. bellamy, new york. usa28 Jun 2016

"Dear Mr. Mathew, I have seen your web site on the Internet, were I note that you plant vanilla. At present I am starting to open an online trading shop in Germany and I will launch a wide range of spices. I would be grateful if you could send me a quotation for the following items. 1 kg Vanilla 2 kg Vanilla 5 kg Vanilla Could you also please send me information on trade discounts, terms of delivery and payment? All prices should include delivery to my warehouse in Germany. Details of your delivery periods would also be appreciated. Is it possible to send me some information about your plantation and your vanilla? And let me know, if you sell some other spices, too. As the market for such products is growing rapidly, I will be in a position to place a substantial order if your goods meet my requirements. I look forward to your reply with interest. Kind regards from Germany, Steve Bathe Ortsstra├če 95 D-96528 Frankenblick +49 (0) 151 / 14 47 74 17"

Steve Bathe, Sonneberg / GERMANY11 Jun 2016

"Dr. Mathew!!! Hi!! It's Laura from Wilkes Regional! Hope you and Tessy are well. Just checking in. Laura"

Laura Wagoner, Taylorsville, NC09 Jun 2016

"If we wanted to order some plants would you consider flying them on tropic air? Also do you sell the vanilla beans? Thank you"

Denise Fillmore, Corozal03 Jun 2016

"I would like to purchase dried morning a leaves."

Michaela Lucas, Colorado Springs31 Mar 2016

"Good day, I saw that you are selling coffee plants. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. 1. What kind of Arabica plant are you selling? 2. How old are the plants that you are selling? 3. What is the origin on the plants? Many thanks and best regards, Lena"

Lena Sommer, Punta Gorda Town08 Mar 2016

"Good day to you: ------------------- I have searched all the available sources to know, If you can help out to get, buy BOCOTE and ZIRCOTE wood seeds to grow a rare forest at my home town in South Pakistan. Please provide me links where to get them fresh and available. Rgds Mansoor"

mansoor rajper, karachi02 Mar 2016

"I was at your spice farm on a tour last year, and purchased a package of your black pepper.. (whole peppercorns). Is it possible to purchase more from you online? Or does anyone else distribute your pepper? We just love it, but sadly are almost out. We live in Michigan, and most likely won't be in Belize for a year or more."

Sharon Taube Farrell, Marquette03 Feb 2016

"Do you still sell bags of peppers & little wooden boxes w/ vanilla beans in them?"

Kate, Ann Arbor MI09 Nov 2015

"Hello! I'm interested in purchasing a few cashew plants for production. I want to start making cashew milk and I was lucky enough to come across your website. I was wondering if they were still available? Please let me know! I would gladly take a trip down there if possible. I'm interested in seeing what other things you have! Thank you Gabriella Habet"

Gabriella Habet, Belize City26 Oct 2015

"We live in Belize on a full time basis on 2 ac. with sea front. Was wondering if you folks were still open for a visit. Wouldn't be till later but we are interested in talking."

Eric Rasmussen, Copperbank, Corozal BZ.22 Aug 2015

"please can you just said me where i can found some vanillia pods from Belize.I'm leaving in France and nobody can said me anything about this vanillia specialy where i can found a producer Thant you;"

CHEVAL, la chapelle aubareil14 Aug 2015

"I will be in Belize until January 8th of 2013 and plan a visit to your farm with my family. I just want to check if Dr. Matthew will be around. I am very anxious to meet him as my husband is also from Karla India and have been in Karla. Thank you."

Okson Yi, Cleveland, Ohio22 Dec 2012

"Hi, we would like to add your farm on our Southern Belize Tour. Is lunch available and if so, please let me know about your menu and prices. Thank you!"

Elizabeth Lathrop, Mama Noots Eco Resort, Stann Creek09 Dec 2012

"We visited your Spice Farm in mid-June this year and saw that you were going to be selling plants. I see from your site you do have some available. Any idea when you will have these plants/cuttings for sale: nutmeg, vanilla and possibly clove? Thank you!"

Ginny Hill, San Ignacio25 Oct 2012

"Wonderful to see the growth of the farm since last year. Such abundance in the Toledo district is much needed! Thanks for sharing!"

Elizabeth Kearns, Rhinebeck20 Oct 2012

"Very nice, especially, the photo gallary.One small thing for the Black perrer farm, the "k" is missing. May its ok"

Vackachen, San Juan Capistrano27 Aug 2012

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