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"Hi there, I am curious to which species of Myristica you grow on your farm. My research tells me there is little information about how the plants cross pollinate, can you tell me a little about this? How many males vs female plant do you have? How are the yeilds? Thanks :)"

Lauren Kenny, Vancouver, B.C. Canada11 Jan 2018

"After visiting you last yr from our holiday house in Ladyville, I promised to bring friends in UK some Vanilla. We leave on sunday and wondered where we might find some around Belize City or Airport and whether to expect the same price as farm or more. thank you best wishes for 2018"

Judy and Ian Blair- Pilling, Netheravon, near Salisbury UK11 Jan 2018

"I just bought a beautiful ziricote guitar..I’m looking for some seeds of this tree to grow indoors as a bonsai subject.."

Bruce Gifford, Salt Lake11 Jan 2018

"Recently visited Belize and toured the Spice Farm. It was very interesting and a great time. Would recommend it to anyone visiting the area."

Susan Forbes, Gold Bar27 Dec 2017

"Would like to bring my group to your facility next Saturday, December 30th for a tour and lunch. Arrival time would be 10 AM... Do you have availability? How many people can you accommodate? What is the local rate? i look forward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas!"

Cheryl Roucher, Placencia23 Dec 2017

"Good afternoon, I wanted to know if you sell the black pepper by sacks. How do you sell it? Is it by only whole kerns or ground as well? What pepper do you offer, white and black or just black? What else in spices do you offer and how can i get a price list for wholesale and retail price? Would greatly appreciate your assistance in this regard. Thank you, Florence Zetina"

Florence Zetina, Belize City, Belize21 Dec 2017

"Hi. Are you selling vanilla beans? Also are you selling peppercorns? Thank you."

Bruce West, San Pedro10 Nov 2017

"It was announce on the news that you are having a than giving dinner on the 23. We are interest, please can you provide more information. Respectfully"

Diana dinville, Punta Gorda07 Nov 2017

"I will be in Placencia on 3 November. I very much want to visit your farm. Will you have vanilla beans for sale? How would I travel from you to the airstrip in Punta Gorda to return to Belize City? Howard Fields"

Howard Fields, Manitou Springs, CO USA23 Oct 2017

"How much do your cardamom plAnts cost? Do you ship in country?"

Roger Hald, Armenia belize21 Oct 2017

"Dr Mathew, I met you and your wife a couple of times and my husband and I I I came to get plants for our new property in Placencia. Unfortunately you were in Maryland visiting your daughter. I ended up buying a few plants but will be back in January and I hope you will be available at that time. Please let me know if you will be there in January. Your farm is like Paradise to my husband and I. God Bless You both."

Marlene Barber, Silver Spring14 Oct 2017

"Marvellous re-creation of kerala.even in kerala one cannot see all these plants and the bio-diversity in one spot. looks like paradise on to visit some time. appreciate the enthusiasm and vision and efforts. All the best."

joseph augustine, londonderry, northern ireland10 Oct 2017

"Hi, we visited you last winter, took a tour and purchased a lot of spices. Unfortunately we are running low and would like to acquire more spices. Can we purchase directly from you? Or do you have an agent in Canada. We are spoiled for the high quality of your spices. Regards Danno Lee"

danno lee, victoria bc canada09 Oct 2017

"Please provide prices for the following to start up my farm 1. Coconut Plant 2. Cocoa Plant 3. Bread Fruit Plant 4. Mango Plant 5. Guava Plant"

Anil Kamath, Jacintoville08 Oct 2017

"I was wondering how I can purchase some honey from your website?"

Kelsey Culp, Salisbury, NC USA25 Sep 2017

"Hello, We visited in June 2016 and took a tour of your magical spice farm, it was AMAZING! I'm looking to purchase some whole cacao beans in order to make some "home-made" chocolate for my family. Can you sell us some or direct us to a Belizean place that sells some quality cacao beans please? Thanks so much and we will meet again! Tim & Sarina and Parents :-)"

Timothy Cripe II, San Diego13 Sep 2017

"dear M. Thomas Mathew, following your last mail to M.Vincent Fanjul in France, I contact you about our vanilla request. We are looking for vanilla pods from Belize. Do you have vanilla pods available? We sell vanilla Grands Crus on For the present, we have the largest chose on the net. We will be glad to present your vanilla on our website. Best regards. Fausto Bouchereau 00 6 68 52 88 22"

Bouchereau, Paris13 Sep 2017

"Hello. I'm thinking of taking this tour with Norwegian from Harvest Caye. In your experience, does the NCL tour usually give you time to eat at your restaurant? Thank you! Ken"

Ken Solem, Philadelphia10 Sep 2017

"Hello, I'm interested in purchasing vanilla bean orchid vines and cacao seedlings. Do you sell these, and if so, how much are they?"

Wendy Auxillou, San Ignacio03 Sep 2017

"Visited this farm with my children and the food was amazing and so fresh, we had OJ and was freshly squeezed directly from the orchard. The owners are great company. Cant wait to visit again"

Susan Kiralis-Vernon, Vassalboro, Maine03 Sep 2017

"Hello. My wife and I recently visited the Spice Farm in July and I purchased some of your Hot Sauce. It was fantastic and I would like to purchase some more. Your item for sale tab doesn't work. How can I purchase your product? Thanks"

Sean Brown, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada09 Aug 2017

"What a delight to ride with Moreno and learn something new at every turn! The owner was a joy to meet...beautiful place - a MUST see/do if you are in the area and even if you have to drive 6 hours like we did!"

Antonio&YaVette Hill, Corozal23 Jul 2017

"Do you sell Lipstick Plams"

Kathy Ellis, Sittee River Area05 Jun 2017

"Seeing the Web site, you get a good glimpse but actually visiting and walking through there is breathtaking ! We visited this mini paradise in the Spring of 2013. The breadth of flora is unimaginable, and the how they are laid out/planned and cared for - you have to see it for yourself. You will be surprised to observe the great number of bird species who love this place too."


"I worked in Belize for around 3 years and I passed just in from of your farm, really nice place to enjoy nature. I will invite you to my website so you can promote your business. Great place of yours! Greetings from Canada."

Ben Martinez, Saint-Lazare, MB, Canada06 May 2017

"Good Morning, I have been given such wonderful reviews of your spice farm. I have my in-laws coming to visit from Idaho on the 7th if March...we always plan trips for them and this trip we really want to take them on a tour of your place...please let me know how this could be arranged and I will make it happen we are hoping to tour on the 19th of March if possible...please let me know! Thanks.."

Priscilla Quigley, Belize City26 Feb 2017

"What workers you must be! Lovely website. Looks like a lovely farm garden. I can almost inhale the aroma of the flowers and hear the rustling of the leaves from here. And your wonderful offers... Thank you!"

Lillian, Miami12 Feb 2017

"Hello, Are your cinnamon trees Ceylon or cassia? Thanks in advance!"

Lillian, 12 Feb 2017

"I visited the farm on the Southern Highway near Golden Stream, saw a table made of OBIA wood and loved it. Is it possible for you to build a table with just the top made of OBIA wood and frame made of Teak? Can you send me a quotation for a six seater. Thanks"

Marva Nicholas, Belize City23 Nov 2016

"Hello. I am living in the Hopkins area and am trying to locate Kratom plants (Myrtaginia speciosa) or any other ethno-botanical you might recomend to help control chronic pain and fatigue (due to fibromyalgia). Thank you for your time- Steve"

Steven J. Wamser, Muskegon20 Nov 2016

"Congratulations on all your hard work you have done in Belize."

Cora Loveless, Silver Spring, Maryland18 Nov 2016

"Do you give tours to high schools? I would be interested in bringing my Biology class or 2nd formers. And what would be the cost. Thank you."

Cayo Christian Academy, Ontario Village18 Nov 2016

"Saludos, Venden semillas?"

Juan Miranda, 30 Oct 2016

"A group of 5 of us working at the nearby Hillside Clinic in Eldridge would like to come for a tour and lunch on this Sunday 10/30 at around 11:00 for tour and lunch to follow. Would it be possible to ask for special Indian foods for lunch? Two people are vegetarian but eat fish. Thank you. I will wait for a reply but we will plan to come to the farm even if I don't hear back from you."

Ann Colbert, Punta Gorda28 Oct 2016

"It real wonderful being here and i like it. just keep it up"

Alic Beng, Ohio06 Sep 2016

"Moving to punta gorda. And am in need of alto of plants. Was wondering about plums, bogeinvilia, hibiscus and so much more."

Laura Beam, Florence13 Aug 2016

"Hello we are very interested in taking a tour tomorrow! Is this possible? We are staying in San Antonio and run a natural foods business in the united states. Super excited to see your operation!"

Glenn McElfresh, DENVER06 Aug 2016

"We would like to visit your farm and seek the global development of this concept from Belize itself with its abundant natural resources. We are planning to visit Belize in late August or in October. We have many investors in the pool but need guidance since you are already in action Please advise"

Ramarao Lankipalli, Plano TX USA19 Jul 2016

"I am visiting in December and want to be able to buy coffee.Can you help me with this please?"

stephen, Niagara Falls11 Jul 2016

"visiting belize in september, and would like to visit your farm and order some plants for myfarmin san ignatio. where would you recommend i stay over night near you? also interested in buying flowering plants and favs. from kerala. i.e. jack fruit etc."

d. bellamy, new york. usa28 Jun 2016

"Dear Mr. Mathew, I have seen your web site on the Internet, were I note that you plant vanilla. At present I am starting to open an online trading shop in Germany and I will launch a wide range of spices. I would be grateful if you could send me a quotation for the following items. 1 kg Vanilla 2 kg Vanilla 5 kg Vanilla Could you also please send me information on trade discounts, terms of delivery and payment? All prices should include delivery to my warehouse in Germany. Details of your delivery periods would also be appreciated. Is it possible to send me some information about your plantation and your vanilla? And let me know, if you sell some other spices, too. As the market for such products is growing rapidly, I will be in a position to place a substantial order if your goods meet my requirements. I look forward to your reply with interest. Kind regards from Germany, Steve Bathe Ortsstraße 95 D-96528 Frankenblick +49 (0) 151 / 14 47 74 17"

Steve Bathe, Sonneberg / GERMANY11 Jun 2016

"Dr. Mathew!!! Hi!! It's Laura from Wilkes Regional! Hope you and Tessy are well. Just checking in. Laura"

Laura Wagoner, Taylorsville, NC09 Jun 2016

"If we wanted to order some plants would you consider flying them on tropic air? Also do you sell the vanilla beans? Thank you"

Denise Fillmore, Corozal03 Jun 2016

"I would like to purchase dried morning a leaves."

Michaela Lucas, Colorado Springs31 Mar 2016

"Thanks so much to Fidel for the extremely informative tour earlier this month! The amount of labor, planning and management that is needed to produce vanilla was a revelation. Beauty was everywhere, also. A gem of Belize."

Marian Kuper, Ackley, IA23 Mar 2016

"Good day, I saw that you are selling coffee plants. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. 1. What kind of Arabica plant are you selling? 2. How old are the plants that you are selling? 3. What is the origin on the plants? Many thanks and best regards, Lena"

Lena Sommer, Punta Gorda Town08 Mar 2016

"Good day to you: ------------------- I have searched all the available sources to know, If you can help out to get, buy BOCOTE and ZIRCOTE wood seeds to grow a rare forest at my home town in South Pakistan. Please provide me links where to get them fresh and available. Rgds Mansoor"

mansoor rajper, karachi02 Mar 2016

"I was at your spice farm on a tour last year, and purchased a package of your black pepper.. (whole peppercorns). Is it possible to purchase more from you online? Or does anyone else distribute your pepper? We just love it, but sadly are almost out. We live in Michigan, and most likely won't be in Belize for a year or more."

Sharon Taube Farrell, Marquette03 Feb 2016

"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Mathews: My husband & I have purchased about 40 acres next door to Machaca Hill lodge & we want to basically do what you are doing, ha ha ha. At first I thought of vanilla, & oud trees, but you seem to have the vanilla market cornered so would not dream of competing. We will come w/at least 1 of our sons who is currently working on a dairy farm & we want to be self-sufficient & have some sort of plantation. I was also thinking of mushrooms & herbs or other things for the fragrance industry. I want to keep bees & make mead as well. Of course, I am new to this, but have lived all over the world & am quite resourceful. We've only visited Belize once over a yr. ago, San Ignacio. Our landing date is May/June of next yr. Looking forward to meeting you & visiting your farm. Any suggestions or ideas are most welcome. Sincerely, Cynthia & Serge Bisson"

Cynthia Mantel, Calgary08 Dec 2015

"Do you still sell bags of peppers & little wooden boxes w/ vanilla beans in them?"

Kate, Ann Arbor MI09 Nov 2015

"Dr. Mathew, I am impress thru reading your farm experience, would like to chat with. Please let me know your direct no and time. I m from Edmonton, Alberta , Canada."

Solomon Sonara, Edmonton03 Nov 2015

"Hello! I'm interested in purchasing a few cashew plants for production. I want to start making cashew milk and I was lucky enough to come across your website. I was wondering if they were still available? Please let me know! I would gladly take a trip down there if possible. I'm interested in seeing what other things you have! Thank you Gabriella Habet"

Gabriella Habet, Belize City26 Oct 2015

"We live in Belize on a full time basis on 2 ac. with sea front. Was wondering if you folks were still open for a visit. Wouldn't be till later but we are interested in talking."

Eric Rasmussen, Copperbank, Corozal BZ.22 Aug 2015

"please can you just said me where i can found some vanillia pods from Belize.I'm leaving in France and nobody can said me anything about this vanillia specialy where i can found a producer Thant you;"

CHEVAL, la chapelle aubareil14 Aug 2015

"do you offer lunch? I have a possible two or 5 guests interested this friday. What is your tour cost and how much for lunch if you offer? Thanks."

Tim Mes, Placencia29 Jul 2015

"Hi I am in India at the moment and will be moving to Belize in about two monthslooking for about two months. I have land in Siver Creek on Southern Highway and want to grow Indian Vegetables for the export markets. I got your contact from Jenny Wildman and she has recommended that I speak to you. I am looking for Tindoora Plants to plant in 2 acres and Moringa plants for 1 acre Can you help on this? Regards Bhaskar"

Bhaskar Patel, Vallabh Vidyanagar India10 Jul 2015

"Hi, I just bought some vanilla at the farm. I did a little reading about vanilla varieties, and am wondering which variety of vanilla bean you are growing. Thank you."

Marcia Tolive, Hopkins09 Jul 2015

"Love the site! I'm a chocolate maker in Lubbock, Texas and would love to buy a couple of cacao saplings to have in my cafe'. Do you ship internationally? Also, I use vanilla bean in my chocolate. Do you sell dried vanilla beans by the pound? I plan on moving my entire operation to Belize in a few years but want to buy as much product from Belize that I can. Thanks for your help."

Josh Parker, Lubbock, TX06 Jul 2015

"Do you sell moringa as a powder? If so, in what quantities? Do you have a store here in San Ignacio?"

Roslyn Bank, San Ignacio04 Jul 2015

"Good day, When I visited a couple of years ago, I bought a few bags of pepper from you(whole and powdered). I'm almost out and wondering if you ship overseas(Canada). Thanks. Jaco"

Jaco Kruger, Calgary07 Jun 2015

"What variety of cinnamon do you grow? Is it cassia or ceylon? Thank you!"

Nikki Wildman, Maya Beach02 Jun 2015

"i will be visiting Belize in July and would like to tour your farm, do you sell vanilla beans?"

Debi Barneck, Riverdale UT USA23 May 2015

"What species of tumeric do you have? What kind is common in Belize?"

Mike Benetti, 12 May 2015

"I just want to confirm our visit their which will happen on May 15, 2015 at ( AM. We are doing this as part of teacher's day. There are five of us. I was the same person who called to inform you about our tour. I was browsing through your info's and came across of pictures with tours in cart. Is that how you guys do the tours? If so then that will even make our trip more exciting. Email me back to inform mr more about the tour. We are all excited"

Carlos Chee, Belize city07 May 2015

"What is the rate of V. planifolia growth on the farms that your company/business outfit owns? Also, any idea what the production statistics of the aforementioned orchid are for the entire country (Belize)? Thank you"

Faith Madubuko, Belmopan, Cayo District22 Apr 2015

"I will be in Belize until January 8th of 2013 and plan a visit to your farm with my family. I just want to check if Dr. Matthew will be around. I am very anxious to meet him as my husband is also from Karla India and have been in Karla. Thank you."

Okson Yi, Cleveland, Ohio22 Dec 2012

"Hi, we would like to add your farm on our Southern Belize Tour. Is lunch available and if so, please let me know about your menu and prices. Thank you!"

Elizabeth Lathrop, Mama Noots Eco Resort, Stann Creek09 Dec 2012

"We visited your Spice Farm in mid-June this year and saw that you were going to be selling plants. I see from your site you do have some available. Any idea when you will have these plants/cuttings for sale: nutmeg, vanilla and possibly clove? Thank you!"

Ginny Hill, San Ignacio25 Oct 2012

"Wonderful to see the growth of the farm since last year. Such abundance in the Toledo district is much needed! Thanks for sharing!"

Elizabeth Kearns, Rhinebeck20 Oct 2012

"Very nice, especially, the photo gallary.One small thing for the Black perrer farm, the "k" is missing. May its ok"

Vackachen, San Juan Capistrano27 Aug 2012

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