Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden

Tour Information

  • Belize Spice Farm offers tours everyday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Guests will have options of a walking tour with a guide, or traveling by golf cart or by tractor-pulled trailers.
    Self guided tour will be available soon
  • Tours hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Average time for tour is 1 hour. Guests are welcome to revisit the farm after their scheduled tour for taking photos or to take a closer look at the many rare and beautiful specimens on the premises. The tour will be complimentary for the guests who revisit the farm within 6 months accompanying other tourists.
  • We offer complementary fresh juice after the tour.
  • Spice farm Restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. Our dining room in Cinnamon hall is surrounded by beautiful orchards, Flowering plants and a water lilies and lotus. Our guests love to stroll in the paved lotus road with arches, studded with pendulous flowers.

    Lunch will be served as late as 3:00 p.m. We serve American, Belizean and South Indian dishes. Please call if buffet is preferred for larger group (more than 10). We have started taking reservation for event gatherings, including weddings. Advanced reservation is appreciated for large groups, which will help us with planning including staffing.
    Average cost for lunch and buffet is approximately BELIZE$ 20.00
  • Advanced reservation is requested for any social event involving large groups. Please ask for availability.
  • CONTACT: Our Phone numbers 670-1338, , 634-6769, 666-1773, 670-4906 (our phone services are not very dependable).
    Or e-mail us at: Being remotely located, our mobile phones do not work well. But we are open every day and no dinner reservation is necessary except for larger groups.
  • Group rate for Farm tour. Discount of 10% for group of 10 and above without an official tour operator
  • Currently we are offering 20% rebate for tour operators (on tours only).
  • We do not encourage elementary schools to schedule group tours for children less than 10 years old.
  • Participants in seminars or social events are welcome to sign up for tour during the event for 50 % of the normal charge.
  • CULINARY TOUR , a private speciality tour. A group of five or more guests can make reservations. Tour will include sensory experiences of Spice plants such asCinnamon,Cardamom,Black pepper ,Vanilla,turmeric and Ginger. Guests get to collect spices in season, bring them to Cardamom Hall where our Chef do a cooking demonstration using our spices. Guests also get hands on experience extracting Cinnamon. CostUS$25/person
  • Please call 670 1338 for information about our speciality tours .Currently we offer Culinary tour, Spice and fruit tasting tour and Bird watching tour. A new "Lotus and Orchard tour" has been added for guests visiting spice farm Restaurant
  • We are getting getting popular for Destination Wedding in a unique and serene setting surrounded by nature.Pls call or e mail for info
  • Lotus and Orchard tour The tour is specially designed for guests who are visiting Spice Farm Restaurant and those who are short on time. Guest may walk under the flowering arches and visit our two Orchard full of rare and exotic fruit trees. No guide will accompany the guests unless requested. Orchard ground is very un even . Please be careful walking . Fee for this tour is US$ 10 for Foreigners and BELIZE$ 15 for Belizeans. This is a walking tour.


Regular admission: BELIZE $40.00 including tax

Children 6 years of age & younger: FREE

Belizeans and Belize Residents: BELIZE $25.00 including tax

Local College Students: BZ $ 20.00 including tax

Local High School Students: BZ $ 5.00 plus tax

Elementary School Students: BZ $ 0.50 plus tax

College Students -Non-Belizean BELIZE $ 25 including tax